Terms and Conditions | Your Guide to Fair Play

The ‘BouncingBall8 Rules’ are the terms and conditions that form the entire agreement between you (the Account Holder) and BouncingBall8. These rules guide the relationship between both parties. These rules replace all previous agreements between you and the casino. By opening an Account, registering, logging in, using the Services, playing games, or accepting prizes, you agree:

Terms and Conditions
  • To be part of the online casino Rules,
  • That you have read, understood, and will follow these Terms and Conditions.

Rule Updates and Amendments

BouncingBall8 retains the right to update, amend, or supplement its rules at any time. You will be notified in advance of any significant changes, and your consent will be sought before the modifications take effect. If you disagree with the updates, you may choose not to continue using the services. This section also clarifies language references within the rules.

Rule Updates and Amendments

Terms and Definitions

Now, let’s clarify some terms:

Terms and Definitions in the World of BouncingBall8
  • Account Holder: This is someone who has a deal with BouncingBall8 by creating an account on our website.
  • BouncingBall8 Account: It’s an account for legitimate transactions, aiming for a normal business relationship with the online casino, specifically for betting and gaming.
  • Contract: This is the agreement between you and the online casino, following our rules (Terms and Conditions).

Now, some terms you might come across:

  • Governing Authorities: The relevant authorities for Curacao.
  • Governing Law: The law of Curacao.
  • Place of the Contract: Curacao.
  • Regulator: Curacao Gaming Authority, which regulates all gaming in Curacao.
  • Website: Our online portal at www.bouncingball8.org, where you get all the info and use our services.
  • Services: The gaming and betting offers we provide on the website.
  • Gaming and Betting Duty: The special tax for gaming and betting in Curacao.
  • Card: Any card used for payment.
  • Payment Solution Provider: An intermediary handling various payment methods.
  • Financial Institution: A bank or regulated institution.
  • Force Majeure: Uncontrollable events causing a delay or default in contractual obligations, like acts of God, government restrictions, wars, etc.
  • Client Application: The web or mobile app used by the Account Holder to access our services.
  • Software: All programs used by BouncingBall8 to offer services.
  • Prize: Something you can win, like a bonus or reward.
  • Inactive Account: An account with no log-ins for over 12 months.
  • Intellectual Assets: Trademarks, images, text, etc., owned by BouncingBall8 and partners. You can’t use them without permission.

Account Rules

We are licensed in Curacao and regulated by Gaming Services Provider N.V. This allows us to provide fixed odds betting services. Only Account Holders can play for money. To register, you must personally apply and provide:

Account Rules
  • Date of birth, confirming you’re over 18 or the legal age in your jurisdiction.
  • First and last name.
  • Valid email address.
  • A chosen username and password.

Age Verification

When applying, you confirm being over 18. Minors can’t register or have an account. We may ask for proof of age, and your account may be suspended until provided.


Any personal info shared with BouncingBall8 stays confidential. We use it solely on our system to enhance user experience, not for commercial purposes.

Individual Eligibility

Before becoming an Account Holder, you must ensure the following:

Individual Eligibility
  • Legal Person: You need to be an individual, not a legal entity.
  • Residence: You should not be a resident of specific countries listed, and there are additional exclusions for certain games.
  • Professional Player: You can’t be a professional player in sports where BouncingBall8 offers betting.
  • Legal Capacity: You should not have limited legal capacity.
  • Representing Others: You must not act on behalf of someone else.
  • Problem Gambling: You shouldn’t be a compulsive problem gambler or listed in any excluded players’ register.
  • Clean Money: Don’t deposit money from criminal or illegal activities.
  • Card Usage: Only use authorized cards in jurisdictions where betting is allowed.
  • Criminal Activities: No involvement in criminal activities related to your BouncingBall8 Account.
  • Active Accounts: You can’t have an active account with another BouncingBall8 group entity.
  • Legal Use: Ensure using BouncingBall8’s services is legal in your country.
  • Acceptable Content: The website and services should not be offensive or objectionable to you.
  • Account Details: Keep your account details updated.
  • Single Account: Each player is allowed only one account. Abusing promotions or violating policies may result in account closure and forfeited deposits.


When applying for an Account, you acknowledge and accept:

  • Casino Rules: Agree to the rules as stated on the website, including any future changes.
  • Place of Contract: Recognize that the contract is based in Curacao.
  • Governing Authorities: Accept regulatory provisions and decisions made by the relevant authorities.
  • Governing Law: Follow the laws of Curacao as the governing law.

Terms and Conditions Conclusion

In conclusion, the BouncingBall8 Rules serve as the comprehensive agreement between Account Holders and BouncingBall8, delineating the terms and conditions governing their contractual relationship. The flexibility for rule updates and the detailed clarification of terms ensure transparency and fairness, reinforcing the commitment to a legitimate and responsible gaming environment. By acknowledging and accepting these rules, players not only adhere to the stipulated terms but also contribute to the overall integrity of the online casino gaming experience, aligning with the regulatory framework in Curacao.