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Experience the extraordinary with Super Ace, a captivating online slot game crafted by the renowned Jili Games. This unique card-themed slot brings a visual feast to players, featuring original illustrations of cards as icons, dynamic animations, and an abstract background setting. 

super ace

With 5 reels and an enticing 1024 Ways to Win, Super Ace introduces golden versions of playing cards that, when eliminated, transform into powerful wild cards, capable of substituting any missing basic symbol. The game’s excitement escalates with consecutive wins triggering a progressive win multiplier. Unleash the ultimate thrill by landing three Scatter icons, activating ten Free Spins with an enhanced progressive win multiplier, offering players an exhilarating and rewarding gaming experience like never before. Super Ace stands as a testament to innovation and excitement in the world of online slot games.

Super Ace Paytable

Explore the enchanting realm of the PayTable, where the magic truly unfolds. Achieving the landing of three or more symbols in this captivating game triggers the much-coveted Free Game feature, unleashing a total of ten free spins. However, the allure doesn’t end there; delve into the intricate “Combo Multiplier” nested within the depths of the Free Game. This complex system boasts four tiers, starting with the humble x2 and ascending through the ranks to x4, x6, and a mesmerizing culmination at x10. While the Free Game operates similarly to the standard game, a game-changing distinction lies in the presence of the illustrious Combo Multiplier.


Keep a vigilant eye on this magnificent feature, as it holds the power to elevate your winnings to unprecedented heights. A stroke of luck may see you landing three symbols during the Free Game, earning an additional five free spins. Stack these spins for even more opportunities to claim victory. Seize the moment and give it a spin; discover if fortune favors the bold!

Joker Card

Introducing the Joker Card, a game-changer in this extraordinary gaming experience. Unveiled through the elimination of the “Golden Symbol,” the special “Joker Symbol” takes center stage with its dual personas—the formidable “Big Joker Card” and the unassuming yet potent “Little Joker Card.” When the mighty “Big Joker Symbol” graces the reels, it randomly replaces one to four other symbols on reels two through five (excluding the Scatter and Joker Symbols) with its commanding presence.

Joker Card

On the other hand, the subtle “Little Joker Symbol” works its magic differently, transforming the “Golden Symbol” into the all-powerful “Joker Symbol.” This versatile symbol holds immense power, capable of substituting for any other symbol except the Scatter. Keep a keen eye out for the elusive “Joker Symbol” and witness how it can turn the tides in your favor, potentially leading to significant wins in this remarkable game. Embrace the excitement and discover the transformative potential hidden within the allure of the Joker Card.

Golden Card

Witness the marvel that is the JILI Super Ace Slot Machine, a masterpiece of contemporary gambling technology designed to elevate the thrill of gameplay. At the heart of this exhilarating experience lies the elusive Golden Card, a rare and mystical symbol that unveils its magic exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4. Encounter this golden enigma, and fear not, as its elimination sparks a mystical transformation—it flips in its original position, transmuting into a powerful “Joker Card.” This metamorphosis unlocks new dimensions of possibilities, enhancing your odds of victory.

Golden Card

While the Golden Card may share similarities with a Normal Card, do not be deceived; its elimination is no ordinary feat. It stands as an extraordinary challenge, a testament to your gambling skills and luck. Brace yourself for the ultimate test, and find out if you possess the prowess to seize the Golden Card, emerging triumphant over the reels. Immerse yourself in the excitement, where each spin holds the potential for extraordinary transformations and thrilling victories.

Free Game – Collect Scatter

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Free Game feature – an opportunity to amass scatter and unlock thrilling adventures. To trigger 10 rounds of the sought-after Free Game, diligently gather three elusive Scatter symbols. Once activated, the Free Spins Game reveals a realm of possibilities, doubling the Elimination Multiplier compared to its regular counterpart. This multiplier ascends to extraordinary heights, progressing from x2 to x4, x6, and an exhilarating x10, intensifying the overall excitement of the game.

Free Game

It is crucial to note that while the rules governing the Elimination Multiplier remain consistent between the general and Free Spins Game, the exceptional twofold increase is exclusive to the Elimination Multiplier values. For those seeking an extra dose of thrills, the collection of another set of three Scatter symbols during the Free Spins Game grants an additional 5 rounds of play. This thrilling cycle can be repeated, heightening the suspenseful experience and ensuring a gaming adventure brimming with excitement.


Delve into the dynamic world of paylines in this unique game, featuring a 5 by 3 board adorned with an astounding 1024 paylines. The intricacies of gameplay are elevated, providing a complex and captivating experience. Notably, symbols forming the coveted combos undergo instant restoration, ensuring their presence until they cease to contribute to the desired effects.


Navigating from the left-hand side of the board, players embark on a strategic journey to align three identical symbols along a single payline. Each successful outcome is multiplied by factors such as the bet amount, payline count, and odds, resulting in an exhilarating and unpredictable gaming venture. The interplay of these elements adds layers of excitement to the gameplay, promising an immersive experience filled with surprises and strategic decision-making.


Super Ace Thrills boasts 5 reels and an impressive 1024 Ways to Win, offering players numerous opportunities for winning combinations and an engaging gaming experience.

The game introduces golden versions of playing cards that transform into powerful wild cards when eliminated, creating exciting opportunities for substitution. Consecutive wins trigger a progressive win multiplier, and landing three Scatter icons activates ten Free Spins with an enhanced progressive win multiplier.

The PayTable is where the magic unfolds, triggering the Free Game feature with three or more symbols. The Combo Multiplier within the Free Game can elevate winnings with multipliers ranging from x2 to a mesmerizing x10, offering players a chance to enhance their victories.

The Joker Card, obtained through the elimination of the “Golden Symbol,” features both the formidable “Big Joker Card” and the potent “Little Joker Card.” The Big Joker randomly replaces other symbols, while the Little Joker transforms the “Golden Symbol” into a powerful substitute, creating strategic opportunities for significant wins.

The Golden Card, appearing exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4, undergoes a mystical transformation upon elimination, turning into a powerful “Joker Card.” While challenging to obtain, the Golden Card offers players the chance to unlock new dimensions of possibilities and enhance their odds of victory.


In conclusion, Super Ace by Jili Games offers a thrilling and innovative online slot gaming experience. With its unique features like golden cards, joker symbols, and an intricate payline system, players are immersed in an exciting adventure filled with possibilities and strategic decision-making. Embark on a captivating journey, where each spin holds the promise of extraordinary transformations and rewarding victories, showcasing the game’s commitment to delivering innovation and excitement in the world of online slots.

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