Get Ready for Monopoly Live Fun at Bouncingball8

Discover a new perspective on a globally beloved board game through an exclusive live online game show. Engage with a live presenter and the virtual co-host, ‘Mr. Monopoly,’ as you predict the landing spot of the money wheel.

Monopoly Live

With an array of prize multipliers, instant wins through special ‘Chance’ segments, and enticing bonus game sections, the money wheel eagerly awaits your participation. Don’t miss out—navigate to the Live Casino lobby immediately to take your turn at spinning the wheel!

Monopoly Live – Fundamental Guidelines

The money wheel comprises 54 equal segments, with 48 designated with numerical representations of prize multipliers ranging from 1 to 10. The remaining six segments are labeled as ‘CHANCE,’ ‘2 ROLLS,’ or ‘4 ROLLS.’ Players can place their bets on the section they anticipate the wheel to halt at, and the winning section is determined by the pointer at the wheel’s top when it completes its rotation.

Monopoly Live – Fundamental Guidelines

Successful bets on a numbered section yield payouts based on the respective number, such as a win on number 5 paying out at 5:1 and number 10 at 10:1. A winning bet on a ‘Chance’ section results in either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus, while successful bets on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ activate the bonus game.

The Bonus Round

Initiate the bonus game to embark on a virtual journey with the digital co-host, ‘Mr. Monopoly,’ as he traverses a 3D representation of the iconic Monopoly board, collecting rewards for eligible players along the way. The distance covered by Mr. Monopoly is determined by the outcome of two rolled dice, mirroring the mechanics of the classic Monopoly board game. A ‘2 ROLLS’ bonus game entails a minimum of two dice rolls, while a ‘4 ROLLS’ segment extends to at least four dice rolls. The dice are rolled live in the studio, and participants scoring a double on the dice receive an additional free turn.

The Bonus Round

Prizes distributed in the bonus game hinge on the properties where ‘Mr. Monopoly’ lands. Any houses or hotels encountered enhance the rewards for those specific properties, and upon passing ‘GO,’ all prizes receive a twofold increase.

Exercise caution, as akin to Monopoly, landing on Income Tax or Supertax properties will result in a reduction of your winnings. Moreover, if you find yourself on the ‘Go To Jail’ space, a double roll is required to secure your release!

Guide to Playing Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live stands out as one of the most sought-after live casino games. Learn the ins and outs of playing Monopoly Live with this comprehensive guide.

Guide to Playing Monopoly Live

Access the Casino Lobby

Navigate to the Casino Lobby and select the Live Casino option. Click on Monopoly Live to enter the dynamic world of this exciting game.

Live Studio Experience

Upon choosing Monopoly Live, you’ll be transported to the Evolution Gaming live studio. Here, a host will guide you through the game, adding a live and interactive element to your gaming experience.

Placing Your Bets

Monopoly Live offers six betting options, including four number bets and two distinct bonuses. Take your pick and place your bets strategically.

Spin the Wheel

Watch as the presenter initiates the rotation of the wheel. Bets are locked in a few seconds after the spin begins, giving you a 12-second window to finalize your bets.

Outcome – Number Bet

If the wheel halts, and the pointer aligns with a number you wagered on, your bet gets multiplied by that number, and your initial bet is returned.

Outcome – Bonus Game

In the event the wheel lands on a bonus, the bonus feature is activated. If you placed a bet on the active bonus, you become a participant; otherwise, you spectate the bonus round.

Bonus Game Action

Mr. Monopoly initiates the bonus game by accumulating multipliers before the dice are rolled.

Roll the Dice

Two dice are thrown, and Mr. Monopoly advances on the board according to the total of the dice. Rolling a double earns an extra throw.


The game concludes, and if you emerge victorious, your winnings are promptly credited to your account. Get ready for the next round and the chance to win big again.

Monopoly Live Tactics

Embark on an exciting journey into Monopoly Live with strategic prowess using these tactics. From classic Martingale twists to adventurous All In approaches, these tactics add a layer of thrill to the live casino experience.

Monopoly Live Tactics

Monopoly Live Martingale/Reverse Martingale

Adapting a classic strategy from Roulette, the Monopoly Live Martingale/Reverse Martingale offers a unique twist. The conventional Martingale involves doubling the bet value for every loss, with the aim of offsetting losses with subsequent wins. Conversely, the Reverse Martingale involves decreasing the bet size after a loss.

Play It Safe

This cautious approach focuses on betting solely on 1 and 2, the segments with the highest frequency on the wheel. While extending to 5 and 10 is an option, the core strategy advises steering clear of bonus game bets.

Bonus Game Bonanza

In contrast to the Play It Safe strategy, the Bonus Game Bonanza concentrates exclusively on placing bets on bonus game spaces. This ensures consistent qualification for bonus games. Wager on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, relishing the Boulevard stroll whenever the bonus game activates.

The James Bond

Inject some secret agent flair into your Monopoly Live strategy with The James Bond approach. Allocate £200 per round, dividing it across three bets:

  • £140 on numbers 1 and 2
  • £50 on numbers 5 and 10
  • The remaining £10 alternates between 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls each round.

For a more budget-friendly version, reduce the total value to £20 while maintaining the emphasis on lower-risk bets with some allocation to higher-risk options.

The All In

For those indecisive moments, The All In strategy simplifies the decision-making process. By selecting Bet All each round, you cover all spaces, ensuring a partial recovery of your initial bet each time and maximizing the chances of qualifying for the bonus game.


Monopoly Live is an exclusive live online game show at Bouncingball8, providing a unique perspective on the globally beloved board game. Players engage with a live presenter and the virtual co-host, ‘Mr. Monopoly,’ predicting the landing spot of the money wheel.

The money wheel consists of 54 segments, with 48 representing numerical prize multipliers and six labeled as ‘CHANCE,’ ‘2 ROLLS,’ or ‘4 ROLLS.’ Players place bets on the section they think the wheel will stop at, and the winning section is determined by the wheel’s pointer upon completion of its rotation.

The Bonus Round involves a virtual journey with ‘Mr. Monopoly’ on a 3D representation of the Monopoly board. Rewards are collected based on dice rolls, and encountering houses or hotels enhances property-specific rewards. Players must navigate cautiously to avoid Income Tax or Supertax properties.

To play Monopoly Live, navigate to the Casino Lobby, select the Live Casino option, and click on Monopoly Live. Experience the game in the Evolution Gaming live studio with a host guiding you through the game.

Monopoly Live offers six betting options, including four number bets and two bonuses. Players can strategically place bets before the host sets the wheel in motion.


In conclusion, Monopoly Live at Bouncingball8 offers a thrilling and interactive online gaming experience with its innovative take on the classic board game. From the dynamic money wheel and engaging bonus rounds to strategic tactics that add an extra layer of excitement, players are in for an entertaining journey filled with anticipation and the chance to win big. Whether you prefer a cautious approach, adventurous tactics, or a touch of secret agent flair, Monopoly Live provides a diverse and immersive casino experience for enthusiasts seeking a fresh perspective on this timeless game.

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