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If you’re on the lookout for the premier virtual sabong platform, you’ve landed on the perfect destination—right here at Bouncingball8. We provide comprehensive information on cockfighting and online betting in the Philippines. Our panel of e-Sabong specialists has meticulously compiled essential insights and identified the leading online sabong betting platforms in the Philippines. Whether you seek information on the finest sabong online betting platforms catering to Filipinos, the top-notch mobile applications for betting, commonly used terminology, or other informative guides, Bouncingball8 is your go-to source, delivering all-encompassing assistance.

best platfroms to play sabong

Evaluation of Best Platforms to Play Sabong Online in the Philippines

Explore the top sabong betting sites with the assurance that they all feature Tagalog versions catering to Filipino bettors.

Evaluation of Best Platforms to Play Sabong Online in the Philippines

Jiliko – Preferred Sabong Betting Platform

Jiliko, established in Manila in 2020, stands as a reputable site licensed by PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, overseeing the country’s gambling industry. While Jiliko primarily focuses on casino games, it also places emphasis on sports betting with two distinguished sportsbooks, UG and IGK, integrated into the main Jiliko site. The presence of two sportsbooks not only broadens access to diverse betting markets but also facilitates price comparison.

Virtual sabong betting is a highlight at Jiliko, offering a computerized rendition of the real cockfighting experience. Enthusiasts can enjoy a cashback incentive, refunding up to 0.5% of total sports betting expenditure, with a minimal 1x turnover requirement for bonus funds. Additionally, a 100 PHP bonus awaits users upon downloading and logging into the app.


  • PAGCOR licensed and regulated
  • Telegram channel for communication
  • Two reputable sportsbooks (UG and IGK)
  • VIP Club with monthly deposit bonuses
  • Cashback offer


  • Limited to 3 banking options

22Win – Beneficial Reload Bonus

22Win, a well-established and trusted sports betting site, offers virtual sabong alongside a diverse range of gaming options. As a specialist in virtual sports, 22Win provides regulated online games and virtual betting through BMM and iTech Gaming, globally recognized independent games testing laboratories.

Although 22Win’s promotions typically focus on areas other than sabong betting, such as football or slots, the platform presents opportunities like the 25% Monday Reload Bonus that can contribute additional funds for sabong bets.


  • Two virtual sabong games available
  • Diverse gaming selection, including Bingo and fishing games
  • Three sportsbooks to choose from
  • VIP Club and app download bonus


  • Existing customer offers predominantly focus on slots, E-sports, or football betting

W19 – Impressive Array of Bonuses

W19, a relatively new entrant, offers a sleek platform catering to various gambling preferences in the Philippines. Featuring renowned game providers like Playson, Microgaming, Jili, Yggdrasil, and more, W19 ensures a top-tier casino experience.

New customers can avail a maximum 19,800 peso bonus, while regular clients enjoy a remarkable 60% bonus on their initial daily deposits. W19 also introduces daily free credits for users reaching VIP level 4.


  • 100% welcome bonus for new players
  • Daily bonus for deposits
  • Inclusion of reputable game providers
  • VIP ladder progression with daily free credits


  • Free credits are only available at VIP level 4

22Fun – Ideal for Sabong Betting Bonuses

In Southeast Asia, 22Fun emerges as the third recommended sabong online bookmaker, associating the number 22 with luck. With bonuses like a daily deposit bonus, unlimited Refer a Friend betting bonus, and a risk-free bonus for the first bet, 22Fun caters to Filipino bettors seeking extra value.


  • Unlimited Refer a Friend betting bonus
  • 200 PHP bonus for verifying personal details
  • Daily deposit deal
  • Cash rebate


  • Site design improvements could enhance user experience

PGasia – Diverse Online Sabong Games

PGasia welcomes Filipino bettors with a visually striking website and an extensive selection of promotions. With a weekly cashback deal of up to 0.6% of total losses, PGasia caters to enthusiasts of casino games, including slots and sabong betting. Offering three virtual sabong games, PGasia stands out with a variety unmatched by other platforms.


  • Traditional Chinese language version available
  • Three virtual sabong games
  • Telegram channel with a joining bonus
  • App download bonus


  • Site’s vibrant visuals may be overwhelming for some users

Evaluating the Best Platforms to Play Sabong in the Philippines

When determining the leading sabong online betting sites in the Philippines, we employ a comprehensive set of criteria to establish their rankings. Here is an overview of our evaluation criteria:

Evaluating the Best Platforms to Play Sabong in the Philippines

Online Sabong Live Betting Markets

In the absence of actual e-sabong betting, our top-ranked sites prioritize virtual e-sabong options. These platforms offer a range of markets, including Meron, Wala, and Draw, delivering an immersive and dynamic online sabong experience.

Sports and Esports Betting Markets

Acknowledging the limited availability of local and international sabong betting sites, we consider sportsbooks that cater to popular sports and esports in the Philippines. Higher rankings are attributed to platforms with extensive NBA betting options and a diverse array of markets for sports such as fighting, esports, and football. Additionally, we emphasize live betting features and sportsbooks providing an exceptional live betting experience with live sports streaming.

Online Sabong Bonuses and Promotions

Our top-ranking sportsbooks excel in offering bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements, ensuring bettors can realistically meet them within specified time frames. We evaluate the engagement and satisfaction levels of promotions, assigning additional points for those featuring sabong-specific bonuses. The primary focus is on enriching the betting experience through attractive and rewarding promotions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Convenience in financial transactions is paramount, and top-ranked online sabong sites facilitate stress-free payments through popular Filipino providers like GCash. Higher scores are assigned to sportsbooks supporting various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Timely and fee-free withdrawals are emphasized, contributing to an overall positive user experience.

Other Factors

Beyond betting markets and bonuses, we conduct a thorough assessment of various aspects of sportsbooks. This includes examining a site’s reputation, licensing, customer support, and user-friendliness. Preference is given to sportsbooks licensed and regulated by PAGCOR, as well as those certified by reputable international testing agencies like iTech Labs and BMM Testlabs. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that the top 5 sites provide a secure, reputable, and user-friendly online sabong experience for Filipino bettors.

Is Cockfighting Betting Permissible in the Philippines?

Affirmative, cockfighting holds legal status in the Philippines. Betting on cockfights is sanctioned as long as it transpires within a licensed venue, in accordance with the Cockfighting Laws and Presidential Decree No. 449 (PD 449). The authority to license and oversee cockpits within their jurisdictions is vested in Local Government Units (LGUs), as explicitly outlined in section 447 of the Local Government Code.

Is Cockfighting Betting Permissible in the Philippines

If you find yourself in the Philippines and wish to engage in cockfight betting, exercise caution to partake exclusively in authorized land-based venues endorsed by the Local Government Units, ensuring a wholly legal and secure environment.

Conversely, online betting on actual cockfighting is presently unlawful in the Philippines. PAGCOR governs online sabong betting, and while they issue licenses to certain e-sabong brands, an executive order by President Ferdinand Marcos proscribes all forms of wagering on live cockfights, encompassing online events.

Crucially, a distinction must be made between genuine online sabong and virtual online sabong. Genuine online sabong entails betting on real cockfights, whereas virtual e-sabong relies on a random number generator (RNG) for outcomes, with visuals crafted by software. Betting on virtual online sabong is deemed lawful and can be pursued on sanctioned sabong online betting platforms in the Philippines.

Popular Sabong Betting Markets Unveiled Online

In contrast to the intricacies of team sports like basketball, sabong betting markets present a straightforward landscape. Here are the prevalent options for sabong online betting in the Philippines:

Popular Sabong Betting Markets Unveiled Online

Backing the Favorite

Place your bet on the favored rooster, representing the “meron” side, to increase your chances of success. Keep in mind that while the likelihood of winning is higher, the payout is correspondingly lower.

The Underdog

Opt for the Wala cockerel if you’re inclined to maximize potential winnings with a slightly elevated risk. The Wala rooster holds the status of the underdog in the match, promising a higher payout in the event of success.

Both Die

In the rare occurrence where both roosters meet their demise during the fight, a draw is declared. Given the infrequency of this event, the associated payout is typically substantial.


If neither rooster can be declared the victor within the designated fighting time, a draw is announced. This outcome, too, carries high odds, offering an enticing prospect for bettors.

Tips for Responsible Online Sabong Betting

Achieving success in online sabong involves more than luck, and responsible gambling practices play a crucial role. While there’s no guaranteed formula for consistent wins, here are some tips to enhance your chances and promote responsible gambling:

Tips for Responsible Online Sabong Betting

Conduct Thorough Research

Just as with other forms of betting, such as football, basketball, or E-Sports, comprehensive research is imperative. Scrutinize the recent performance of both roosters and identify any patterns or trends that could provide you with a strategic advantage.

Observe Rooster Behavior

Prior to the sabong encounter, take a meticulous look at the roosters, akin to assessing horses in horse racing. If one rooster appears more alert or in better condition than its counterpart, irrespective of being on the meron or wala side, it might present a favorable betting opportunity.

Vary Your Bet Sizes

Implement strategic variations in your bet sizes to optimize potential winnings and mitigate losses. Consider increasing your stake after a win for the prospect of a larger payout. However, refrain from raising stakes out of frustration following a loss; decisions should be rational and calculated.

Manage Your Finances Effectively

Establish a clear plan outlining how much you intend to allocate for betting each week. Set limits on your wagers or adopt a “bankroll” strategy, utilizing a small portion for each bet. Only engage in betting with funds that you can afford to lose, steering clear of common pitfalls like chasing losses and placing bets on unfamiliar events.


Bouncingball8 is a platform providing comprehensive information on cockfighting and online betting in the Philippines. It serves as a go-to source for essential insights, including details on top sabong online betting platforms, mobile applications, terminology, and informative guides.

The evaluation criteria include online sabong live betting markets, sports and esports betting markets, online sabong bonuses and promotions, deposits and withdrawals, and other factors such as reputation, licensing, customer support, and user-friendliness.

Yes, cockfighting holds legal status in the Philippines as long as it takes place within licensed venues, following the Cockfighting Laws and Presidential Decree No. 449. Online betting on actual cockfighting is currently unlawful.

The prevalent options for sabong online betting include backing the favorite, choosing the underdog, betting on both die, and opting for a draw.

Tips for responsible online sabong betting include conducting thorough research, observing rooster behavior, varying bet sizes strategically, and managing finances effectively.


In conclusion, Bouncingball8 provides a comprehensive guide to elevate the sabong experience, offering insights into reputable platforms like Jiliko, 22Win, W19, 22Fun, and PGasia. As legal nuances and responsible gambling practices are emphasized, enthusiasts can confidently explore the diverse virtual sabong options presented by these platforms, ensuring a secure and enjoyable betting environment in the Philippines.

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