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Sic Bo, a captivating dice game played with a trio of dice, provides a diverse array of betting options, some accompanied by enticing win multipliers. Drawing parallels to craps and, to a lesser degree, roulette, this game has gained immense popularity, particularly among Asian enthusiasts, with Macau showcasing it as the second most favored game following Baccarat. Originating in China, Sic Bo has transcended borders and is now a fixture in casinos across the United States and the United Kingdom. In the Chinese language, Sic Bo translates to “Dice Pair” and is known by alternative monikers such as tai sai, dai siu, big and small, or Hi-Lo. In the realm of online live casinos, it is commonly referred to simply as Sic Bo.

Sic Bo

Fundamental Rules of Sic Bo

The fundamental mechanics of Sic Bo are exceptionally straightforward. In essence, participants wager on the result of three dice thrown by the dealer. Displayed on a board are an array of distinct betting possibilities, with bets being made by positioning your betting token on the corresponding section(s) of the board.

Fundamental Rules of Sic Bo

Sic Bo Wager Options

Explore the diverse world of Sic Bo wagering with an array of betting options that add excitement to this three-dice game. From predicting big and small outcomes to specific triples, Sic Bo offers a thrilling range of choices for players seeking varied and engaging bets.

Sic Bo Wager Options

Big and Small Bets

Opting for the ‘Big’ bet entails predicting that the combined total of the three dice will fall between 11 and 17 points. It’s important to note that rolling three sixes results in a non-winning outcome for this bet.

Alternatively, placing a wager on ‘Small’ involves predicting that the cumulative total of the three dice will range from 4 to 10. Similar to the ‘Big’ bet, a triple one roll does not secure a win for the ‘Small’ bet.

  • Payout: 1/1
  • Probability of Success: 48.61%
  • House Edge: 2.78%

Specific Triples Bet

A ‘Specific Triple’ (or ‘Alls’) bet is a wager on a specific number appearing on all three dice, such as three sixes.

  • Payout: 180/1
  • Probability of Success: 0.46%
  • House Edge: 16.2%

Any Triples Bet

‘Any Triples’ is a bet predicting that a triple, ranging from three ones to three sixes, will be rolled.

  • Payout: 30/1
  • Probability of Success: 2.8%
  • House Edge: 13.9%

Doubles Bet

Betting on ‘Specific Doubles’ in Sic Bo involves predicting that at least two of the rolled dice will show a specific number.

  • Payout: 10/1
  • Probability of Success: 7.41%
  • House Edge: 18.5%

Dice Combination Bet

The ‘Dice Combination’ bet allows you to wager that two chosen, distinct numbers will appear when the dice are rolled, such as a two and a six.

  • Payout: 6/1
  • Probability of Success: 2.8%
  • House Edge: 13.9%

Three Dice Total

The ‘Three Dice Total’ wager is a popular Sic Bo bet where players attempt to predict the exact total of the three dice. The house edge ranges from 9.7% to 15.3% depending on the chosen number.

Total Number PayoutProbability of SuccessHouse Edge
10 or 11 6/112.5%12.5%
9 or 127/111.6%7.4%
8 or 138/19.7%12.5%
7 or 1412/16.9%9.7%
6 or 1518/14.6%12%
5 or 1630/12.8%9.7%
4 or 1760/11.4%15.3%

Single Dice Bet

In the ‘Single Dice Bet,’ players select a specific number between one and six. Payouts differ based on whether the chosen number appears on one, two, or all three dice.

Total Number PayoutProbability of SuccessHouse Edge

Additional Sic Bo Wagers

Explore a variety of additional Sic Bo bets, exclusive to select tables and not commonly available in online Sic Bo games. These distinctive wagers bring an additional level of thrill to the gaming experience.

Additional Sic Bo Wagers

Odd and Even Bets

A wager on ‘Odd’ anticipates that the total of the three dice will be an odd number. It’s important to note that if the three dice display the same number (e.g., three fives), it does not count as a winning ‘Odd’ bet. Betting on ‘Even’ is a prediction that the total dice score will be an even number, excluding triples.

  • Payout: 1/1
  • Probability of Success: 48.61%
  • House Edge: 2.78%

Four Number Combination

Despite Sic Bo using only three dice, this bet challenges players to select three out of four numbers in specific combinations: 1,2,3,4 – 2,3,4,5 – 2,3,5,6 – 3,4,5,6. If any three of the chosen four numbers appear, the player secures a win.

  • Payout: 7/1
  • Probability of Success: 11.1%
  • House Edge: 11.1%

Three Single Number Combination

Players choose any three numbers, winning if all three selected numbers appear during the dice roll.

  • Payout: 30/1
  • Probability of Success: 2.8%
  • House Edge: 13.9%

Specific Double and Single Number

This wager involves selecting a specific double (e.g., two 4s) and another specific number (e.g., 5). A win occurs if both selected numbers appear, such as the dice showing 4, 4, 5.

  • Payout: 50/1
  • Probability of Success: 1.4%
  • House Edge: 29.2%

Sic Bo Tips

Given its nature as a dice game, influencing the outcome of the three dice rolls in Sic Bo is beyond the realm of tips or strategies. The game relies entirely on luck and lacks a skill-based element in determining its results. However, as a player, your primary influence lies in the strategic selection of your bets.

Sic Bo Tips

One viable approach is to opt for bets with the highest likelihood of success. Examining the tables provided above reveals that consistently securing wins is best achieved by placing bets on Big, Small, Odd, or Even, each boasting a success rate of 48.61%.


Sic Bo is a dice game played with three dice that offers diverse betting options and win multipliers. It has gained popularity, especially among Asian enthusiasts, and is the second most favored game in Macau after Baccarat.

Participants wager on the outcome of three dice thrown by the dealer. Bets are made by placing tokens on corresponding sections of the board displaying various betting possibilities.

The “Big” bet predicts that the total of the three dice will fall between 11 and 17, while the “Small” bet predicts a total between 4 and 10. Rolling three sixes results in a non-winning outcome for both bets.

A “Specific Triple” bet is a wager on a specific number appearing on all three dice. For example, predicting three sixes. The payout is 180/1, with a low probability of success and a high house edge.

Sic Bo relies entirely on luck, and there is no skill-based element. However, players can enhance their experience by strategically selecting bets with higher likelihoods of success, such as Big, Small, Odd, or Even.


In conclusion, Sic Bo stands as an exhilarating dice game that captivates players with its diverse betting options and enticing win multipliers. As it transcends cultural borders and becomes a fixture in global casinos, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the strategic allure of Sic Bo, recognizing that while luck determines the dice outcomes, informed betting choices can enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether opting for the thrill of specific triples or relying on the statistically favorable Big, Small, Odd, or Even bets, Sic Bo offers an engaging blend of chance and strategic decision-making for players seeking dynamic live casino entertainment.

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